WT Land – 33 Unit apartment new build in Mt. Forest


Coming Soon - 33 Rental Units
available February 2023!

Mount Forest | Ontario


Apartment is scheduled for completed in December 2022. Apartment will be ready for move in January 1, 2023. If completed earlier, we would allow earlier occupancy.
You can see the floor plans at www.wtapartments.ca. You can also check back with us in the summer of 2022 to schedule a walkthrough of a unit under construction.
For the most part, yes, but please confirm the number and type of pets before signing the lease. There will be other tenants in the building and your pet cannot interfere with their reasonable enjoyment of the building.
Two-bedroom units start at $1,900 a month, three-bedroom units start at $2,100 a month. Additional amounts will apply as follows: hydro allocation - $125/month water/sewer allocation - $100/month parking -$45/spot 4th floor (top level), $100/month premium.
We will look after all repairs, cleaning, snow removal, lawn care and anything else that arises during your tenancy. There will be no management on site, but there will be a 24 hr phone number for emergencies and a building manager that can be contacted via email and phone for non-urgent matters.
You will be required to show proof of tenant insurance. We will have insurance on the building. Tenant insurance will cover your belongings in case of a significant event such as a fire.
Rent will be withdrawn at the start of each month automatically. A last month’s rent deposit will be required.
No. Internet, cable and phone will be the responsibility of the tenant. Satellite dishes are prohibited.
No, this is a non-smoking building. This includes the balconies.
Canada Post mailboxes will be installed on the building. Mail will be delivered directly to the building.